For precise gas detecting, we provide entire process from drawing a design of gas cell
and modification and recoating of optical mirror to warranty service.

Gas Cell

Spec Gas Cell (Metal) Gas Cell (Plastic)
Material Al or SUS Plastic
Coating O
Pass length 1M, 4.8M, 6M, 10M 970mm
Volume About 100cc Per M 97cc
Working Temperature 180℃ (210 °C in special configuration) 0~40℃ (Minimum to Compete) / -20 ~ 60℃ (Nice to have)
-40 ~ 60℃ (for all Refregerant Gases) → Heater Inside

Optic Mirror

Spec Optic Mirror (Metal) Optic Mirror (Plastic)
Material Al 60 계열 Plastic
Coating Au Au
Protective Coating O O
Ravg >98% at 2~12μm >98% at 2~12μm
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