We are constantly investing in R&D to develop new sensor that can not be imitated by developing our own technology.


We have wide business area in gas field as a specialized
company in gas sensing and provide customized gas
sensors to customers in various gas fields not only industrial
gas but also safety gas.


We provide the service in sensor development and distribution. And we also have many partnership with global leading gas sensor companies such as DD Scientific, Dynament, Alphasense, City technology, Ion Science, Membrapor etc to meet diverse customer’s needs.



The electrochemical gas sensor measures the gas concentration through
the generated current value when an ocidation or reduction reaction corrurs
at electrode as by diffusion barrier restricts the flow of the target gas to electrode.
Infrared gas sensor measures gas through light absorption rate according
to gas concentration. Its strength is high precision, long-term performance stability
and flexibility, and excellent repeatability compared to other sensors.
Catalytic combustion gas sensor measures the gas concentration by converting the change
of platium resistance line 's resistance into electrical signal when its electrical resistance is increased
by heating the platinum resistance line by deliver the electrical current. And it is suitable
for detecting inflammable gas because it is not affected by non-combustible gas.

*Note : High concentration gas cannot be detected. and it required to constant environment
because of its sensitiveness to change of humidity and voltage.

The semiconductor gas sensor measures the gas by the change in electrical conductivity
that occurs when the gas contact with the surface of semiconductor. It has various strengths
such as wide detection range, fast response speed, strong durability against vibration and shock,
high sensitivity and small size, but it has disadvantage of lower reliability compared to electrochemical
gas sensor because it has low selectivity for target gas and cannot detect multiple gases at the same time.
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